Malcolm listens incredibly well. He is unflappable in situations where the client might be having a freak-out. Malcolm also is a great collaborator—he has a strong point-of-view but not an autocratic one. His ability to listen to clients and translate their inarticulate ramblings into functional, beautiful spaces is a gift. It was Malcolm’s vision that we add a skylight to our 1923 house. We hemmed and hawed, but finally agreed and are incredibly grateful…it’s probably the biggest gift to us from the project. Malcolm also saw the merit of raising the ceiling in a small landing going down to the basement. Despite it’s high cost, we trusted Malcolm and thank him everyday…the entrance to what was once a cave-like space is now easy and gracious and a delight to walk through. I like the simplicity of Malcom’s aesthetic vision, combined with a willingness to let the client “disturb” his perfection by adding color, fabric and items of personal relevance. His love of moment frames and exposed I-beams.