Malcolm Davis is surely an architect of phoenix proportions, brilliantly resurrecting my fire-destroyed home with an eye to its history and a flair for its future. He has a gift for magnifying space and bringing light and air to his projects. Then adding the perfect details that make a quiet statement of quality and elegance. The magic is not in just doing this — but staying on budget! I feel fortunate to live in just such a home. It has two floors but only 1100 sq.ft. of area. It works because it is beautifully designed and thoughtfully planned. Others have thought as much also: the house received a Metropolitan Home award (January-February 2000) and has been featured in Sunset Books. Excellence has its virtue, but so does a wonderful working relationship. Malcolm is warm-hearted and he listens. He cares and it always shows in his working demeanor whether you’re the client, the contractor, or the supplier.