Right from the start, Malcolm understood what we were looking for aesthetically and functionally. His ability to understand others also made him an effective team leader and negotiator–a valuable trait for this type of work, where many contractors must work together, often for long stretches of time. Throughout any renovation process, unexpected challenges arise regarding design, fabrication, cost–just about everything. During our project, Malcolm would consistently come up with solutions (often right on the spot) that were simple, elegant, and cost-effective. One example was that we wanted two sinks, rather than one, in our kids’ bathroom, but it would have cost more than we wanted to spend to run extra plumbing, add another sink, etc. Malcolm’s solution was to have one long, trough-style sink fabricated, with two faucets off the one line. It was perfect–and it cost less than the traditional two-sink approach. Malcolm’s aesthetic is clean and modern, yet warm. Unlike the experience of some modern design, which can feel cold, anonymous, and institutional, Malcolm’s design aesthetic makes you feel as though you’re in a space designed and crafted by human hands. We decided to hire Malcolm Davis Architecture for several reasons: we loved his work, he understood our goals, and his clients all told us they’d work with him again in a heartbeat–and now we agree!”